Latest Field Trip Report


JUNE 8 2019

Sioux County Field Trip to Gilbert Baker WMA

Fort Robinson Campground and pond, 

Smiley and Sowbelly Canyon




Canada Goose  

Wood Duck  

Wild Turkey  

Rock Pigeon 

Eurasian Collared-Dove  

Mourning Dove  

Common Nighthawk  

Chimney Swift  

White-throated Swift  


Upland Sandpiper  

Turkey Vulture  

Osprey  - Scotts Bluff County

Northern Harrier  

Bald Eagle  -Scotts Bluff Counnty

Red-tailed Hawk  

Belted Kingfisher  

Red-headed Woodpecker  

Hairy Woodpecker  

Northern Flicker  

American Kestrel  

Western Wood-Pewee  

Say's Phoebe  

Western Kingbird  

Eastern Kingbird  

Loggerhead Shrike  

Red-eyed Vireo  

Blue Jay  

Black-billed Magpie  

American Crow  

Horned Lark  

Tree Swallow  

Violet-green Swallow  

Barn Swallow  

Cliff Swallow  

Black-capped Chickadee  

Red-breasted Nuthatch  

Rock Wren  

House Wren  

Mountain Bluebird  

American Robin  

Brown Thrasher  

European Starling  

Cedar Waxwing  

House Finch  

American Goldfinch  

Chipping Sparrow  

Lark Sparrow 

Lark Bunting 

Vesper Sparrow  

Spotted Towhee  

Yellow-breasted Chat  

Western Meadowlark  

Orchard Oriole  

Bullock's Oriole  

Red-winged Blackbird  

Brown-headed Cowbird  

Brewer's Blackbird  

Common Grackle  

Black-and-white Warbler  

Common Yellowthroat  

American Redstart  

Yellow Warbler  

Black-headed Grosbeak

House Sparrow